Treasured Tip - Inferencing Foldable!

My class had a little issue making inferences today. They didn't really get what it is I was asking them to do, so.....  yep, you guessed it :) I made a foldable!
As they seem to struggle with the concept of drawing conclusions I was trying to figure out the best way to model & scaffold the lesson for them.
I began by explaining to the students that inferencing was simply identify what they already know about the topic, adding the new information they've just read and drawing new conclusions based on the two.

The students had to write 3-5 statements under each category & illustrate the first image that came to their mind based on the statements that they wrote.

Here is what we came up with
{notice the color coding... yellow + blue = green!}

To read more about this lesson, see more students' samples, 
and to grab this foldable FREEBIE template come on over!

Hope you're having a great week!!!

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