Treasured Tip - Post It Parking Lot

Happy Friday!!!

I wanted to share a strategy I learned over the summer in our back to school PD.

This strategy is called Post It Parking Lot.
You create a simple Parking Lot poster {or download the poster I created for you as a freebie below}
and provide students with a post it. 
Students use the post it as an exit ticket out the door and "park" their post-its on the poster at the end of the lesson or the end of the day {depending on what you want to assess}.

My students write 3 new things they learned and 1 question they still have
 about something they did not understand.

The really helps me gauge their learning and it is a quick grade for the day.
It is PERFECT for differentiation, and is the ultimate alternative assessment tool.

It can be used for ANY subject and in ANY age.

My P loved my new poster so much she asked for a copy in every classroom in our building for next year.

Grab your FREBBIE and come on over to read more about this strategy.
I'd love to hear feedback from you if you use it in your classroom.


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