A twist on Literacy Centers

I have to admit...when I started teaching I HATED Literacy Center time!  My students were everywhere and it was nearly impossible to conduct a proper Guided Reading lesson.

Well, 7 years later, I LOVE Literacy Center time!  I have realized that if you want your students to be on task, you need to have creative, organized and fun Literacy Centers!
That's when I came up with a twist on my Write the Room Literacy Center.  I created various theme-based words (instead of just writing sight words around the room) and I printed them on cute, colourful pictures.  Then I created various worksheets for differentiated instruction.
The best part is, my students LOVE to Write the Room!  They don't even realize how much they are learning! HA!

I change these words every few weeks to go with my theme.  I just came out with a Camping Theme Write the Room Literacy Center activity, as per special request by some blogger-friends. 

Come on by my blog for a chance to get your hands on this and other Write the Room Centers!

Happy Easter!


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