Where I'm From Poems

Don't y'all just LOVE poetry?

At my school, we celebrate poetry pretty big. Every year, we host a Poetry Picnic one evening in May. All the parents and staff bring food. One former parent even returns to roast a pig for the shin-dig. Oh yes, you read that correctly. I live in Georgia, we don't play around with our food :)

It's not just all about food, the purpose is poetry. There is a poetry reading, where students can choose to recite their poems to the crowd. There are several Poetry game stations, where students work on creating new poems. There is even a station (my favorite) where parents and children can sit back in rocking chairs and read poems together.  We are a high poverty school, but we expect high parent involvement.

The Point!
So after completing the state tests, the students get to work creating different poetry forms. I work with fourth and fifth grades collaboratively in writing. So I go into teacher's rooms to help teach. And by the time kids get to us, it's hard to find new and creative ways to write poetry. You lower elementary teachers just do too good of a job :)

One different poetry form we create is called the Where I'm From poem. 

Here is mine that I share with the mini-locos every year.

See how much you just learned about me? Think about what your students can learn about each other from this poem.

But we also it turn around and have the students complete the poem as a character study of one of their book characters.

Come on over and check it out. I have all the templates you need ready to grab.

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