You Grow Wise When You Subitize!

Do you have subitizing tools in your toolbox? If you're like me, you might first want to know what subitizing is! :)

What is it?
Basically, it's the ability to instantly recognize a quantity. You roll a dice and instantly know that you rolled a 5; you don't have to count dots individually. Like building a house with a strong foundation, the ability to subitize can lead children to richer number sense.

If you are working with young children (preK-2nd), who are developing number sense, there are many, many FREE resources available for you. I've highlighted a variety of goodies, all linked or provided directly on love2learn2day:

Print cards to practice subitizing with your students at home or at school.

Make a counting rope (DIY) that allows students to manipulate small quantities. Flash a given number of beads and ask students what they see.

Print a five frame and show students different quantities, quickly showing the frame, then hiding. Ask students, "How many?"

I made a short video of a quick subitizing session with a little student in which I used free pdfs and some recycled cardboard. You'll also find a list of resources, including more videos and links to cards you can use for subitizing. Stop by for a visit...cause "You Grow Wise When You Subitize!!"

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