Young Artist at Work

I recently completed a Bird Study with my  Kindergarten students. During the unit we made a take-home book that included hand-drawn birds. I loved teaching the children to draw a variety of birds using a step-by-step method. They were a little apprehensive at first, but then they just FLEW with it...LOL! One student in particular was so inspired that she asked her  art teacher if she could help her learn to paint birds. (Mind you my students do not get "art" at school. This student goes to a class outside of school so this was EXTRA special!!) I really wish my district would re-think the whole "no art for Kindergarten" thing! Oh well....

 Come over to Kindergarten Tales and see the video of the students drawings....but then take a look at the BEAUTIFUL bird one girl really won't believe your eyes when you see this Artist in the Making! Feel free to leave her a comment and let her know what you think about her work! ;-)



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