2012-2013 Teacher Planning Calendar

Are you even ready to think about next year?

Whether you are, or aren't... that's okay! If you're not, be sure to pin or bookmark this post and come back to see me in August! If you're ready to bring on the planning, then join me as I share my planning binder calendar template for next year.

This free download is designed to help you plan out an entire year so that you can see the scope of your entire year, and then always be able to mark those things that come up along the way. Can we say, I've "forgotten" many less professional development meetings since I started using this to keep track of them all in addition to birthdays, and our academic focuses. I hope that it can be helpful to you too!

I share how this is just one piece of my teacher planning binder, that is my sanity saver and all-in-one tool! What helps keep you organized in your planning for an entire year?

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