Biography Hanger People

span the grade levels.  I remember teaching it every year of my career, no matter if I was in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade.  Because the students get so much exposure to it, I like to make sure that when they get to my class, we do something *slightly* different with the writing.  One thing I LOVE to make (mostly because they come out so well) are "Hanger People".  These artistic depictions of historical figures are a great way to engage the kids and keep them interested in this genre (and make sure you never hear "we did that last year".)  Using a hanger, tagboard, and some art supplies, the students get to show their artistic ability, yet still be true to the research they did.

Come visit me at Teaching in Room 6 to see how I have helped my students create these presentations.  You will also read all about how I scaffold the writing for my ELL students to ensure success with the writing.  See you there!

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