Butterfly Parts and Pieces!

Friends~It is that time of year!  My butterfly bush is blooming outside my house and we are waiting for our fluttery friends to come.  Lily and Ian love to sit outside and watch them dart from flower to flower.  Speaking of pollination...I have a fun center that my students do to practice this important concept.  Click here to see the video!

We also study the life cycle of a butterfly in 2nd grade and it truly is a very magical time.  This is a milkweed tree that my kiddos help create.  We create a hands on model of each life cycle stage and rotate it through the life cycle on this tree.  The tree is filled with baby caterpillars in this picture.  I hot glued the caterpillars to pieces of card stock and we labeled the parts. The whole school gets a kick out watching this tree change throughout the life cycle of a butterfly!

Head over to The Schroeder Page to read more about how we study butterflies in Room 331!

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