Calendar Math for your SMARTboard!

Walk into just about any primary classroom and chances are you'll see a familiar set of materials hanging on the wall near the calendar. Pattern pieces, base ten rods and cubes, weather icons...sound familiar? As the teacher of second grade gifted students for the past few years, I felt like Calendar Math in the traditional sense wasn't quite the right fit. I also have a small classroom with limited bulletin board space and administrative directives not to staple to the walls. So, being the resourceful, tech-geek that I am, decided to overcome these challenges and amp up Calendar Math at the same time with a SMARTboard version!

Since I've starting bringing modern technology to this classroom standard, it's become a favorite activity instead of one the kids tolerate. I've also added some 'fun spots' throughout the file which are are links to interactive games and activities that match the skill on that page. Talk about student engagement!

If you have a SMART brand interactive whiteboard, you're all set to use this free May Calendar Math file. If you have another brand of IWB, you can still use the file with your board as long as you have the SMART software installed on your computer. You can even try the free SMART Express software. Check here to learn more about that.

If Calendar Math on the interactive whiteboard sounds like a great way to inject a little life into your morning routine, just click on the picture below to download your FREE set. Enjoy!

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