Cooking with Chef Ad J. Tive

Are your kiddos hungry for a fun adjective activity? Chef Ad J. Tive wants to help them cook up a delicious snack. He stops by the classroom to bring the students mystery ingredients. But first, the students must read the riddles and listen for the adjectives describing the ingredient.

As the students find the adjectives, you can record them on a chart and on the student recording sheet.

After inferring and solving the riddles, it is time for each little chef in your room to cook up some adjective pizza!

Hop on over to Heather's Heart to learn more about Cooking with Chef Ad J. Tive. There is also a cute craftivity to make....and it is all a *freebie*!

This is a great activity to review adjectives and perfect for a little end of the year fun!

From My Heart to Your's,

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