CVC Build-a-Word!

I know it is hard to think about next year, but I am in the midst of getting all of my materials ready!  I'm printing.  I'm laminating.  I'm organizing. least I am trying to be organized, which is an area that I am working on:)

One of the areas that we will be focusing on is CVC words.  A strong base for early phonics is so important to reading success.  I wanted to create some FUN and interactive materials to help my littlest learner isolate individual phonemes.  However, I also know that there are really two different levels for learning CVC words, so I adapted this printable to meet both needs.

One of the struggles that early readers have is isolating each phoneme, especially the last one!   By having the student place each letter into the sound boxes, they are sure to "think" about the sounds/letters that go into each box.   I always find that hands-on learning is the most effective!

Most importantly, I made sure that this printable meets Common Core Standards for Kindergarten and First Grade.  Hop on over to The Moffatt Girls blog to read more!

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