Daily 5 Book Study for Kindergarten Teachers

If you are a Kindergarten teacher, then you know that we sit through meetings, required staff developments, and trainings where we hear, "Kindergarten, sorry but this doesn't really apply to you!" Can I get an amen?! We are expert adapters! We hear ideas for other grade levels and think...how can I make this work for my Kinders...am I right?! 

I have been using Literacy Work Stations for the past few years in my classroom. I think that Debbie Diller is amazing and I have been content with how stations have been going. The key word being content. My kids always make great progress, but I feel like I have a difficult time keeping up. 

I have heard UH-MAZING things about Daily 5! I borrowed a the book from my principal earlier this year and sort of skimmed it. I am thinking that I can do this! I am ready to make the leap! How about you? I think that we can do it together! Now, I will start by saying...I am no Daily 5 expert. I will be learning right along with you. I want this to benefit all Kindergarten teachers who are either already doing D5, or wanting to begin D5 this year. All ideas and resources shared will be able to be used in Kindergarten. YAHOO! No more..."this doesn't really apply to you."

You can click on the book above and you will be able to purchase the book, if you don't already have it! Our KD5 2012 Study will begin soon. I hope you will join me and some other fabulous Kindergarten bloggers!!

You can head over to my blog to read more about it!!

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