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As a kindergarten teacher (and as a grandma to two kindergarten-aged little boys), I believe in the benefits of teaching children sight words.  A big sight word vocabulary allows children to quickly read most "beginning reader" books, since these books typically contain a very high percentage of words on the Dolch sight word list.  For example, words like this, the, that, big, small, they, I, you, me, we, etc. are so common in these types of books.  And the look on a child's face the first time they read a book from cover to cover is priceless!  They are so proud of themselves and cannot wait to crack open the next book.  A love of reading is really fueled by successful reading experiences, since when children are successful at reading they are eager to continue reading.

I've been on a mission to create free flashcards for all of the words on the Dolch list of sight words.  That includes words on the preschool through Third grade lists, plus the 95 words on the list of Dolch nouns.  Today I just added to my website free flashcards for the first half of the words on the list of Dolch nouns (and next week I'll add flashcards for the remaining words on the list of nouns).  And in my blog I provide extra suggestions for helping children quickly learn new sight words and for keeping the process of learning fun for all children.
Head over to my blog to print your own free set of Dolch sight words flashcards and to get all my tips for making this learning fun.

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