Ecosystems Freebie

So I have 9 days of school left--how about you?!? It's crazy how quickly the last part of the school year has flown by! Summer is RIGHT around the corner! :)

The last 9 days for me and my kids will be jam-packed with review and the last few science concepts we need to hit! We start ecosystems on Monday. I took the suggested beginning discussion (from our curriculum) and turned it into a quick worksheet (I need all the grades I can get!). As you can see below, the worksheet serves as a great lead-in to ecosystems because it gets the kids thinking about plants' and animals' environments and what they need in it to survive. After we do this sheet we will go into I know it's nothing too exciting but thought I would share it anyway! :) Click on the picture or my blog button to head on over and download it. Enjoy!

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