The Emerald City is SO Bright!

Friends~We are off to The Emerald City in Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of OZ.  I have been planning tons of fun center activities to accompany our character study of Dorothy and the Gang.  I even watched the movie tonight with my Lily and Ian.  It was so cool for them to see a favorite from my childhood.  I did remember being super scared of The Wicked Witch of the West back then.  Lily and Ian laughed at her!

In class,  we are just about ready to enter The Emerald City and we created a giant T Chart on Friday about our Wants and Needs just Like Dorthy and the Gang have but my favorite activity will be tomorrow!

Emerald GREEN Glasses!  Check out what my kiddos will be digging into tomorrow in the art center!  Click the image above to grab a FREE response sheet from my art center.  

Parents...if you are looking for a great read at home this summer I highly recommend Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  It shouts such a powerful lesson about believing in yourself and being grateful for what you have.  I shared it with Lily and Ian before we watched the movie and they were entranced by the magic but picked up the meaning easily.  I am thinking Ian is going to make an appearance as the Tin-man this Halloween. 

Hope to see you over at The Schroeder Page!  I still have lots of plans for this book and these amazing characters!

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