End of the Year Play

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I only have two and a half more days of school.  It's unreal to me.  I don't think I'll believe it until I'm sleeping in and watching Live with Kelly!!

I don't know about you, but at the end of the year, I tend to run out of curriculum.  We've completed all of our Language Arts anthologies, vocabulary, phonics, grammar, etc., as well as all of our Math Topics.  We've also reviewed.  And reviewed.  And reviewed.

And, truthfully, we're all a little tired.

So I like to put on a play.

I inherited The Three Nanny Goats Gruff from one of my very first partners.  It's modeled after the Three Billy Goats Gruff except that this one has GIRLS as the superheroes.  I love it.  Not to mention, the biggest nanny goat is named Big Bertha Lee.  That name alone could scare a troll.

My new partner and I split the cost of t-shirts and baseball hats for costumes . . . and then some parent volunteers donated more time and money into creating something out of them.  We also had two parents create the backdrop.

It doesn't sound like I did anything.


That's odd because I always feel a little stressed about the play.

This can't be right.

Let me think.


Oh, that's right!  Slap myself upside the forehead.

I am the director.  I say that with a lah-di-dah voice.  The DIGH - REC- TOR.

I direct 32  hyper  crazy  insane   talented little first graders.

It's as easy as pie.

I have also worked at changing the script that came with this.

The bare bones are there, but I added a little flair.  Out of necessity.  And just for fun.

Our rehearsals went great this year.  My kids were READY for the performance in front of the parents on Friday.

AND THEN . . . we had a little snafu.

Come on over to my blog to hear the rest . . . and to check out the costumes and the backdrop!

A Teeny Tiny Teacher

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