Engage with your Learning Community!

MasteryConnect shares some great new product updates that will help teachers engage with each other.  I wanted to pass along to our audience, many of whom are already MasteryConnect users.  
  • By way of practical updates, MasteryConnect has beefed up their export options when exporting to a CSV file or to Excel.  
  • You can now view common assessments on the iPad.  With new HTML 5 compatibility, you can now explore the community of assessments from the iPad or other mobile devices.  This is very exciting for those of us who are addicted to our iPads!  
  • MasteryConnect has created a killer, time-saving Facebook button for getting a profile photo.  When adding a photo to your MasteryConnect profile, you have always had a few options.  You could upload a photo or take a quick picture using your webcam.  But now (drumroll please) you can also choose to pull your profile picture from Facebook!    
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