Exploring Poetry

I LOVE studying poetry with my students - reading it and writing it!  When we write poetry, I usually start the students off with some simple template poetry, then we move on to more complex types.  So far this week we've written biography poems, emotion poems, collaborative poems, and haikus.  I'm displaying the students' published work on a bulletin board for now, but at the end of the unit we'll bind our poems into books for the students to take home and share with their parents.

The students love seeing their work on display, and enjoy reading what their classmates wrote.  As we complete more poems, I'll simply staple them over the others they have written to create a poetry portfolio.

We've also been experimenting with my magnetic poetry kits.  These kits are so easy to make, and the students think they are so much fun to use.  They make a great writing center, collaborative poetry activity, or even an entertaining indoor recess activity.  I've whipped up a little freebie to share with you so you can make your own DIY magnetic poetry kit.  Come on over to my blog to see more photos of our poetry study this week and grab the link to download your own magnetic poetry kit.

Happy Thursday!!

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