Extreme Makeover {Classroom Edition} New Stuff

Happy Summer vacation...TO ME!!  I just love Summer! I started my Summer break yesterday! We have to pack up our entire room before we leave. I can leave things on the wall, but everything else has to be off of the floor. So, I pretty much put everything in the cubbies. Before I left school, all of my new stuff came from Really Good Stuff. I was so excited. It was almost a little hard to leave...JUST A LITTLE! :-) I opened the boxes, but I wasn't able to do anything with them. I did a post on my blog about all of my new purchases and how I will use them. I want to incorporate Daily 5 next year in my Kindergarten class. So, I hope that my new purchases will help me hit the ground running!

I created a new "Welcome" sign for my classroom. I love the bright colors! This picture is from my sweet friend Caitlin, over at Kindergarten Smiles!

You can head over to my blog to read all about my NEW STUFF and to get your FREE banner!

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