fairy tales {and wearing your prom dress to school}

Who doesn't love a good fairy tale?  Animals talk and wear clothes.  Evil is triumphed.  And kindness is rewarded in the end!  We're delving in this week to distinguish which stories are just good stories and which are {*sigh*} fairy tales.

In a class of 5 girls and 10 boys, I wasn't sure how this was going to go over.  But with some of the great ideas I've found even my boys are liking it!

Come on over to see how we're jumping in and responding to literature and share your favorite activities.  We're packing in as much as we can before the big finale of our Kindergarten Ball {complete with dancing and curtseys} at the end of the week!

This is my last Kindergarten Ball at the school.  Maybe I should go full-glamour and break out my wedding gown???  Hmmm...whadya think?  ;)

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