Free digraph worksheets to help young readers get faster and more confident

Last week on my blog, I wrote all about the importance of helping children learn to recognize digraphs.  Digraphs are a combination of two or more letters that make a single sound (like sh or th, just to name two).  When children are able to recognize digraphs in the words they are reading, they won't waste time trying to sound out the letters and can just apply the single sound made by the combination of letters.  Last week I started slowly with the most basic digraphs: th, sh, and ch.  The response I got was overwhelming, so this week I dove back in and created worksheets for intermediate digraphs: ck, ng, and nk.
Why do I think these are intermediate-level digraphs and the others are beginning-level digraphs?  Great question!  The digraphs th, sh and ch typically appear at the beginning of a word (like the, this, shoe, shut, chin, and chop).  And children can most easily hear and identify sounds at the beginning of a word.  The digraphs ck, ng and nk typically appear at the end or middle position of words.  In these cases, children need to really listen carefully to the entire word, all the way down to the last sound of the word, to hear the digraph.  This challenge, in my mind, makes these digraphs more complicated than the beginning-level ones.

The easiest way for children to become comfortable identifying digraphs is simply by exposing them to the letters and to words that contain those letters and sounds.  My goal in creating these worksheets was to do that in a fun and colorful way.  So head over to my blog and print your free set of digraph worksheets today.  Enjoy!


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