Free End of the Year Award Certificates!

I know you have a million things going on right now with the end of the year quickly approaching for many!  One of them usually involves some sort of awards ceremony to celebrate the year coming to a close.  I have had many teachers ask lately about where to find some award certificate templates as they just don't have time to create their own from scratch.

Well, it is Teacher Appreciation Week after all, so I decided to do what I could to help out.  :)

Introducing my brand-new Black and White Theme Classroom Essentials Set!  The first item?  Four blank awards templates, of course!  There are 2 that have flowers and 2 that do not in case you want to vary it up a bit.  Just print (make sure your printer is set to print all the way to the edge with no margins), fill out, and you are ready to go!

Thanks for stopping by The Organized Classroom Blog to grab yours, and while you are there, I am looking for your help to decide what will go in my final Classroom Essentials Set and I would LOVE your ideas so I don't miss something obvious you could really use.

Thanks for your help and enjoy your freebie!

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