Free Pre-K and Kindergarten Diplomas

Pre-K and Kindergarten graduations are coming up. This is an exciting occasion for parents, teachers and students. It is so much fun preparing an end of the year program followed by the graduation ceremony. 

In the past, our students have presented the following songs:
-I am a promise (Soy una promesa)
-The world is a rainbow
-and the Yes I can chant (¡Si se puede!)
(You can find these songs on my graduation ideas post.)

The diplomas are handed out after the children finish singing. I have done this in two different ways. I have bought picture frames from the dollar store to insert the diplomas in it. These look very nice when you hand them out during the ceremony. This is only a good idea if you have a small group of children graduating with a very short ceremony. You do not want students playing around with these frames. My previous school had 7 Kindergarten classrooms. That is a large group of children sitting and waiting to be called. So, we decided to roll up construction paper in our school's colors. Our colors were gold and green. We rolled up gold construction paper and tied green ribbon around the center. We put them in nice baskets and handed those out. We tried to collect these as soon as the kids sat back down so that they would not play around with them.

The official diplomas were back in the classroom in gift bags. The gift bags also included two picture books, their completed memory book and a parent letter that we read at the end of the graduation ceremony.

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