Friday Art Feature ... And A FREEBIE!

Spring is in the air ... and we've been going buggy in the classroom ... literally!  My students have been studying the classification system and learning how to classify living things in their latest science unit.  I wanted a fun assignment to end our unit, and I knew integrating an art activity would be the key.

With 17 boys in my class, you can guess what their favourite part of this science unit was - studying bugs.  So, I gave them an assignment where they could choose any arthropod, and complete research to answer the questions on the assignment.  When they had completed their assignments, we made realistic 3D clay models of the arthropods they had chosen.  Today we painted our arthropods.  They turned out so well!  We paired our new buggy friends alongside the completed assignments to make a fabulous display.  Come on over to my blog to see more of our completed projects and grab a copy of my arthropod assignment for FREE!!!

Happy Friday!


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