Fun Way to Assess Students' Learning

Assessments play an important roll in understanding how much a child knows and where we can better meet their needs.  Assessments also helps students identify their own areas of strengths and weaknesses.  As educators, we uses assessments before, during and after learning, but they can also be fun for the kids.

Today I used our whiteboard as an assessment tool and it was SUPER FUN for my kiddos!  In this picture, I wrote down 5 sight words on the whiteboard.  I called out a word and my "little student" erased it as quickly as she could.  She totally enjoyed this task, and it also showed me which sight words she was solid it and which ones could use a little more practice.  It also helped to reinforce what she already knew.


I went on to try this with some math facts.  I wrote out a few problems, called out the sum and my other "little student" erased them as quickly as she could.  It was a great way to have her practice math facts and she enjoyed it too!


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