Have you made a plan to protect your technology?

What would you do if this happened?

1 to 1 Program Coverage from Worth Ave. Group

Luckily, Worth Ave. Group has your best interests in mind.  Since 1971, they've offered personal property insurance with super low deductibles.  Worth Ave. has even launched a division of their company to support K-12 Education.  

Worth Ave. Group has options to fit your school's needs:
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  • Insurance Plans - Full Coverage
  • Insurance Plans - Accidental Damage Only Coverage
  • Extended Warranty Plans - Plus Accidental Damage Coverage

Worth Ave. Group, affiliated with Student Insurance Partners, offers insurance and warranty coverage for iPads, laptops, tablets, netbooks, Kindles, iPod Touches, iPhones and other electronic devices. Our insurance and warranty plans are the perfect solution for schools looking to insure the valuable devices they put in the hands of students, teachers and staff. All of our policies provide worldwide coverage and will cover the machines on and off school grounds. Students, teachers and staff will be able to take the units home and have coverage at the same time!
We work with schools on setting up group policies and individual policies. If a school wants to give the parents, teachers and staff an insurance option to insure their school issued device they come to us! We can create an application form that provides a policy option that fits the specific needs for the device that is issued. We can also create a portal page link that schools can put on their website providing a simple online way for someone to apply for coverage.

Want to Win Technology for your Classroom?

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