Good morning, good morning, and good morning to you and you and you! J Are you out of school yet? I have one more week to go. I cannot believe how fast this year has just flown by. I must say that the last day of school will be bitter sweet. I just love the characters in my class this year. I have 13 girls and 9 boys, which adds up to a tad bit of dramaya think? J Seriously, they are like little adults in five year olds bodies. They have the funniest conversations and they get my humor, which I love.

I don’t know about you, but I have been stuck in next year mode for at least two weeks. What theme will I do? What changes do I want make to my room? What books should I read this summer? Oh the decisions! The dilemmas! The drama! J

I think I am sticking with the jungle theme for one more year but I want to incorporate brighter colors. I’m definitely a bright colors kinda girl. J This week I thought it would be fun to post classroom pictures from other bloggers. I am in need in inspiration and boy did I find some. If you haven’t stopped by, come over to Kreative in Kinder and see a different post each day with different classroom pictures, grab some inspiration for next year, and remember to leave the guest blogger a love note or two. Here are a few pictures of my classroom. Hop on over to see the rest! J

I am so excited about next year! I think each year I get better as a teacher. I learn more, try new things. I consider myself a life learner, which I think makes me a good teacher. Not much scares me because I know the answer is somewhere. Probably on one of your awesome blogs!!

Have a great weekend friends! 

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