Incorporating Physical Activity Into Your Classroom

I think we've all looked out at our students at one time or another and thought, "Wow, they look bored!" Or maybe that's just me!

You know... it's those times when you've been working on a new or difficult topic... prepping for tests or exams... or just a Friday afternoon in June. It's at these times especially(when we see those slumped shoulders or glazed over stares) that we need to shake things up. We need to encourage our students to get up and stretch or to take a few minutes to have a break, and walk around the classroom.

My most recent blog post, is actually written by my first guest blogger. He has some great suggestions for adding more physical activity and movement into your classroom. Some ideas are more suitable for early elementary, and others, for older students.

Lessons From The Middle: Physical Activity

Come on over to Lessons From The Middle to get some tips for your class, to help you get through those final weeks of the school year.

Lessons From The Middle: Physical Activity

Lessons From The Middle: Physical Activity

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