It's all about digraphs!

The term "digraph" is one of the phonics words that all early childhood educators use.  Still, it's a word that most parents (even parents of preschool and kindergarten aged children) aren't familiar with.  In short, digraphs are two (or more) letters that combine to create a single sound.  The most basic digraphs are sh, th, and ch, as heard in the words shoe, three, and chew, respectively.

Children certainly don't need to know the term digraph, but an ability to spot a digraph and apply the correct sound is critical when reading.  For example, the word shut is not pronounced s - h - u - t (as in s-hut).  Instead, the s and the h form a single sound "sh" and combine with the u sound and the t sound to create the word shut.  Just as children need to be able to apply the correct sound to each letter they see, they need to be able to apply the correct sound to each group of letters.
To introduce children to digraphs in a fun and entertaining way, I created a set of 5 digraph worksheets that highlight the digraphs sh, th, and ch.  Head over to my blog to print your free set of worksheets and read more about tips for introducing children to these important reading skills.



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