"Laptop Kits" for Using Computers in the Classroom

Do your students use computers in the classroom or in the computer lab? Do you have trouble keeping track of all of the bits and pieces that might be used as students begin to work in larger groups with a limited amount of teacher help to go around?

I have thirty-four sixth graders and our "Laptop Kits" have afforded them confidence and success as they work on their computers with increasing independence. The students have everything they need within reach and can easily access and put away the items they use when they work with technology in the classroom. Our materials are stored in "table boxes," but the components could just as easily be stored in students' desks or transported to/from the computer lab.

And what's that in the last picture? A baby sock? Yes, it is! Head on over to Finding Joy in Sixth Grade and find out why that sock is an important component in our system for using technology in the classroom...

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