Learning with the SHARKS!

Friends~This is the very best time of year to introduce your budding scientists to the wonderful world of SHARKS!  I love teaching about these magnificent creatures. This past summer we visited the Atlanta Aquarium and I was able to add so much to my teaching from my experiences there.  If you have a chance this summer...do make a trip! Below you can see a picture of my very favorite resident-The Whale Shark!  Seeing them up close is something you will never forget!

Through out the shark exhibits you will find these great posters to read and learn from. Lily and Ian gobbled the shark facts up! 

The Aquarium also offers a Live Share on their website where you can watch tons of videos about the creatures that live there.

Here are some of my favorite books to use in the classroom when introducing the topic of sharks.  Gail Gibbons has one that is fantastic!
Click the image below to head over to The Schroeder Page and see some of the activities I will be doing in class.  You can also download a FREE copy of my Mermaid Purse template and check out my unit called SHARK!

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