Level 2 is FINISHED!!

We just completed our last unit in our Ready2Read program!  This has been such an exciting reading adventure!  We have combined both phonics and sight words to create a reading program that works!

When creating the Ready2Read program, I knew that I wanting it to have a solid background of both phonics and sight words, but I also wanted it to be FUN!  When learning becomes a game, kids enjoy the process and hardly even know they are learning:)  Here are just a few of the printables that you will see on our blog.

I have a little girl who totally LOVES the Ready2Read program!

Here are just some of the printables that you will see in our Ready2Read Level 2 Reading Program:
-Color by Number Sight Words
-Sight Word Graphing
-Word Family Word Sort
-Blends and Digraphs Lemonade words
-Sight Word Decorating
-Break the Sight Word Code 
and so much more!!

Hop on over to The Moffatt Girls blog to see all of the printables in action!
WARNING: There are a lot of pictures!!

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