Math Journal Sundays - Transformational Geometry

photo of transformational geometry math journal entry @ Runde's Room
We've been studying transformational geometry in math class this week.  I decided to make an interactive tool for our math journals, showing translations, reflections, and rotations all on the same grid.  Each of the shapes has an interactive aspect to them, so the students can really get hands-on while they are learning about the concept.  The more interactive the journal entry, the more the students remember and master the concept.  Click on the picture to the right to come over to my blog and read more about how we made this entry.

I used a 4 quadrant coordinate grid so we could practice integers, as well (with our testing coming up in one week, the more I can squeeze in, the better).

I can't believe we're almost at the end of our math journal entries for the year!  I've LOVED our journal entries, and the kids are still excited about creating new ones - even at the end of the year with the sun shining!  Each time we start a new concept, the first question out of my students' mouths is, "Are we going to make a new foldable?"  As sad as I am to see the end drawing near, I'm so excited to keep collecting ideas over the summer and watch my journal evolve even more next year!  You can see all my math journal entries from the year by click on my "Math Journal Sundays" button to the left.  I hope you find some ideas you can use in your classroom!  Enjoy!

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