Math Journal Sundays

This week we completed a fun little journal entry for studying symmetry.  Lines of symmetry isn't a new concept for my students, but rotational symmetry is.

We started by discussing our learning goal for the lesson.  For our right side of the page, we completed a T-chart with the definition of both kinds of symmetry.  We then cut out 2 trapezoids, squares, and parallelograms.  We used one of each shape to look at the lines of symmetry, and the other shapes to look at rotational symmetry.  We used brass fasteners to attach these shapes to the page so we could rotate them to check for rotational symmetry.

My students really love the interactive aspect of these journal entries this year.  It's so much fun to watch them share their journals with their parents and other students at the school.  After we complete the right-side of the journals together, my students complete the "left-side thinking" independently.  This left-side thinking is perfect for me to assess their understanding when I quickly conference with the students.  Come stop by my blog to see more pictures of our journal entry from this week.

Happy Sunday!!!

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