Part 2- More Fraction Fun!

The fun times with fractions just keeps rolling in my Grade 4 class! Once we had spent some time learning about denominators, numerators and fraction benchmarks I wanted to turn our attention to some real life problem solving with of course, we had a "pizza party"! I'd love for you to come on by my blog and check it out. You'll be able to see the problem I gave to my students, examples of how they chose to solve it, the math talk we used in class and the anchor charts we created together. Throughout this lesson/activity my students were given time to problem solve independently, reflect on their learning and present their ideas to the class. This is the second post on how we have been studying fractions in my class so be sure to check out both posts while you are visiting.

Post #1- Diagnostic Task and Anchor Chart

Post #2- Problem solving and Math Talk

This week we will creating a flip book for equivalent fractions and I hope to post about those as you'll have a third reason to stop by for a visit!

While you are there, please leave a comment or suggestion for further fraction lesson or problem based learning activities. I would love to try them out in my class and report back!

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