Oh the Places We Will Go!

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As the year draws to a close, many of us are getting ready to say goodbye to our students.  For those of us who teach a transition year (like 5th grade or kindergarten...maybe 6th in some schools?) this time of year is filled with preparation for graduation.  My students and I are deep in the throws of learning songs, working on slide shows, preparing speeches, creating program covers...the whole shebang!

I have done many a graduation ceremony in my time as an upper grade teacher.  Each year is different and special.  But my most favorite theme EVER was when I did "Oh the Places You'll Go."  Based on Dr. Seuss' book by the same name, the entire thing was filled with thoughts on the future, rhymes of where we will go, and a whole lot of fun.  Come on over to Teaching in Room 6 to see how I incorporated this amazing book into the 5th grade graduation ceremony, and pick up your free script that will help you to plan an "Oh the Places You'll Go" themed event as well!

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