On the FARM!

It seems just about any preschool or kindergarten curriculum includes a unit on Farm Animals.  From learning the names of the farm animals to perhaps even visiting a local farm, it's virtually a rite of passage that all children take a week or so out of their academic year to learn all about life on the farm.

I always loved the Farm unit I did each year.  It included a wonderful combination of activities and culminated in a trip to a local farm where the children got to feed the animals, collect eggs, and do some other basic farm activities.  (A few brave children would even volunteer to try milking the cows, although we never got more than a few drops of milk!)  Some years I also incorporated role playing about farm life into our regular routine.  I would give the kids an opportunity to dress up as different animals and practice making the sounds each animal makes.  They loved it!

To help celebrate spring, I created a set of free farm animals worksheets that would be a great addition to any farm theme.  These worksheets will help children learn how to properly identify each animal and also learn how to write each animal's name.  And be sure to check out my blog post for extra ideas on how to encourage conversation with your child about the role each animal plays on the farm.

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