Open House Brochure

Even though it is the end of the school year, if you are anything like me you are already thinking about next year.  Many of us have a Bucket List for the summer and this may be something you want to add to yours =)  I have been doing a Class trifold Brochure for many years...although they have changed over time and (I hope) improved.  I use it to put essential, basic information for parents.  I include our supply list, our schedule, grading information, my contact info, testing schedules, homework procedures, routines, snack info, and more...all packed into a compact little foldable.  I keep some for the year, in case I have a new student arrive, it is something I can quickly hand to parents.  

If you would like to do your own, you can create one in some versions of Word with your PC, just use the templates menu and choose "brochure".  
In the last few years, I have started  using my Mac and I create it in Pages, just by creating 3 columns.  
I was thinking about trying to set something up to where I could create it for other teachers with their info, but haven't given too much thought to whether or not that would be practical or doable.  I am more than happy to help anyone with advice to create their own =)

For my original post, visit my blog to see a pdf version for an up-close view of the brochure.  
Hope everyone has a great Friday!!

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