Packing your Castle!

Friends~Every time a school year comes to an end we teachers have to pack up our castle (classroom).  It is always hard for me because I know that I have to leave some of my favorite things in the whole world locked up in a dark room.  My books, centers, smartboard, document camera, & Chat Chair to name a few.  Below you will see my "stolen bench" click the image to read more about that fiasco! 

I always look forward to summer but I wish I could leave things as is and still pop in every once in a while to dabble in 2nd grade fun.  Unfortunately, our school is of limits in the summer:(

I was thinking about all of the new decorations & anchor charts that I have added to my walls this year and I knew I had a summer job ahead of me.  My classroom is not huge and I was running out of space so I decided to take my anchor charts put them into a smartboard file so that I could pull them up as needed.  I also made mini books that contain the charts for my students to travel around the classroom with.

So as you clean up and pack up this June grab those anchor charts and put them into a smartboard file or even a powerpoint for you students to access next year.  Or make a mini book as a summer tool for your students to practice from!

Click the image below to read more about my What My Teacher Wants me to Know About Reading Anchor Charts over on The Schroeder Page!

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