Part 1- Fractions Diagnostic Assessment

We are learning all about fractions in my class and I am very proud about how my students are progressing. I started off the unit with a diagnostic task that I have used and posted about in the past- Talking Pictures. In case you missed it the first time around my post has a link back to the original post as well as new pictures to show how my students interpreted this task in relation to fractions.

I also used the GLOW/GROW strategy to assessment my student's knowledge prior to starting the unit and used the great freebie created by Jen Runde from Runde's Room (I've also put up a link for this!)

I would for you all to stop by and check out my post about fractions and leave a comment or suggestion-- especially if you have tried the Talking Picture or GLOW/GROW strategy in your own class.

Plus...keep an eye out for my next post on fractions where I will talking about the problem solving and math talk we have been using in class.

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