Product Review: Alegria from Planet Shoes

I was a bit surprised when Mark at PlanetShoes reached out to me last week to do a product review for their Alegria shoes.  After all, this is a blog created by and intended for teachers; how do shoes really relate?  Mark explained to me that PlanetShoes is an online shoe retailer with a focus on eco-friendly brands and products, as well as some of the biggest names in the footwear industry.

Perfect for Teachers:

One of those big names that they are partnering with is Alegria shoes.  If you haven't heard of Alegria before, they have produced footware designed to promote healthy posture, and reduce stress on the back and joints. Since all the teachers I know tend to spend the majority of their day on their feet, and it is Teacher Appreciation Week, it the perfect time to spread the word about these high quality, comfortable shoes.

Shopping for Stylish Shoes - Simplified!

Mark sent me a pair of the slingback sandals to test out.  At first, to be honest, I was a bit skeptical with getting shoes from an online site.  I usually try on dozens of pairs of shoes at the store before I find one that I like, and even then, I still am often not 100% confident in the decision.  Thus, getting shoes online was a bit of a leap of faith for me, but since they were an item for review, I felt a little better.

When I opened the box, I was very happy with what I found.  The sandals were beautiful, and they were a perfect fit.  They have a chunky square stone decoration, 3 adjustable straps to provide the perfect fit, and a really cool look to them.  The sandals are just dressy enough to wear with a nice skirt or summer suit, but also casual enough to wear with just about anything.  I was very excited about this because it is so difficult to have the right kind of shoe for every outfit - everything is always too dressy or too casual or too uncomfortable---but these really hit on all levels.  They are also very durable and easy to clean- a must for every teacher.

Memory Foam in my Shoe?

But the true test....can they withstand the daily grind of a teacher?  Sure they can look good, plenty of shoes look good.  But I'm on my feet from 6am til about 7pm, and I know how to wear a shoe out.  Check this out: their website describes a patented interlocking footbed featuring "latex, memory foam, and cork".  Memory foam- are you kidding me?  Memory foam is well known to be one of the most comfortable inventions ever created.  And now it is in a sandal?  They put memory foam in my shoe.  Amazing.  That means that the sandal was made just for me!  It's like Cinderella's glass slipper, my sandal only knows one foot - but it's not made out of glass, it's made out of memory foam.

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I've already ordered another pair:

Needless to say, I've been wearing my new sandals every day since PlanetShoes contacted me to do this review.  I've already ordered a different pair in brown as well.  I would highly recommend these shoes to any teacher who is looking for that perfect not too dressy but not too casual summer shoe, as well as anybody else who is on their feet alot.  These sandals are amazing, and easily the most comfortable shoe I've found in years.  I love how great they go with just about anything I put on, too.  They are a must have for the teacher on the go. 

Treat Yourself (Teacher Appreciation/Mother's Day):
- perfect timing because you can get free shipping

PlanetShoes is currently offering free shipping through Sunday (appropriately, Mother's Day) on Alegria shoes, so make sure to hit those husbands and kiddos up for your pair of amazing Alegria shoes.

Variety & Comfort for the Whole Family:

PlanetShoes also has a wide selection of other brands available, for men, women, children, and even accessories, so feel free to check them out for the entire family. 

Happy Mother's Day Everybody!

{click here to see the variety of styles & order your pair}


Disclosure: Teaching Blog Addict has been compensated for this review.  

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