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My 5th grade daughter always brings home stacks and stacks of paper in her Friday folder.  It seems that some of the printables that she is given at school sometimes do not require too much writing.  The two things that remain the same and that she has to do every week this year are: 1) her reading log and 2) a reader's response activity for reading comprehension.

After signing her reading log every night for the past 5 years, I came up with something that will save paper and time.  I made some Bookmarks that she can use for her reader's response work. These will save paper because each page comes with two bookmarks for the same objective. So, you cut your consumption of paper in half. Plus, students will save time because they do not have to flip through a folder or list of prompts for their writing.

Each bookmark, itself, serves as a prompt. Teachers simply choose the skill or skills that she wants to cover that week when preparing student work. It is also a great way to differentiate homework assignments according to the student's needs. What I really love about this is that students can carry these printable bookmarks in their books and start writing on them as soon as they have a chance.

Come on by my Kinder Alphabet blog to get some free bookmarks.  I have them in English right now with 72 different bookmarks that you can use with practically any book. It is also available in Spanish.

Just click on the picture to go to my blog to download the freebies pictured below:)

If you would like the product, these are some of the bookmarks that I have created for this 79 page resource:

1- Reading Log 
2- Graphic Organizer to write about background knowledge
3- Bookmarks for characters, setting, problem, and solution
4- Text-to-Self Connections
5- Text-to-Text Connections
6- Text-to-World Connections
7- Writing a summary about a book or topic
8- Visualization
9- Making Predictions
10- Author's Purpose
11- Context Clues
12- Vocabulary Development
13- Fiction and Non-fiction
14- Nouns
15- Verbs
16- Prefixes and Suffixes
17- Compound Words
18- Opposites
19- Synonyms
and much more

Today's post is brought to you by my Kinder Alphabet blog.

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