Reading Portfolio Foldable (Freebie)

I discovered foldables this year and have loved implementing them into my classes. I do, however, wish I used them more often but give it time! A few weeks ago my class participated in a Literature Circles unit and I was surprised to discover that for many of my Grade 4's this was the first time they had taken part in a lit circles unit. I was not surprised though to discover that they really enjoyed it and were really good at the discussions. (I have a talkative class!)

For the culminating task my students created some amazing Portfolios that showcased their learning and reading. We had focused on summarizing, making connections, characteristics of narratives and much more!

Here's a sneak peek of what the completed projects looked like...

But you'll have to visit me over at Thinking of Teaching to see a step by step outline of the assignment and to get a copy of the handout I created for my students. While you are visiting please leave a comment about your own culminating tasks for reading. I'd love to put together a post highlighting the great ideas you all have as well!

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