Return to OZ!

Friends~ I am going to share something very secret!  We are ending our study of Fairy Tales on June 1st with a HUGE blow out!  I have been planting the Wizard of Oz seed for a week now!  We just finished Who Stole the Wizard of OZ? by Avi. 

We are going to be reading the original version of The Wizard of Oz next week in class for a shared read.  We will also be reading an online E book.  On the 1st of June we will be celebrating with a Return to OZ day in 2nd grade!  We have 6 activities planned that our students will rotate through.  The teachers are going to dress up as I am thinking TOTO.  I have something fun planned for my costume. 
We are still working on the activities but here are a few that we are thinking of using:

Shape Poems using different images from the story like a tornado, witch's hat, house, rainbow. 

Ruby Red Slipper-Glitter and more GLITTER!

Fairy Tale Analogies and Logic

Tan-grams of the characters 
A Snack of course~Ruby Red Punch and Toto Biscuits
(Fruit Punch and Scooby Graham Crackers)  

We have guest teachers helping so that we can rotate with our classes.  
Our Technology teacher will be also Geo Cashing on the Yellow Brick Road.  We are working on riddles now for our students to solve.  If you have never Geo Cashed you have to check it out!  
Read more about it by pasting the link below.

Come over and see how my students are earning their crowns during our  Fairy Tales activities and preview my Return to Oz unit by clicking the image below!

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