Search the Room for Subtraction QR Codes

I'm loving the ability to make the end of the year so much more intriguing for the kiddos in my room by using QR Codes!

Almost all of us have used "Write the Room" at some time or another....I've been able to add a bit of Techno flavor to this station using QR Codes and my new iPods :)

First, create the problem you'd like to quirlify.  Then use one of the many free sites on the web to create your code.  Print off the picture of the code and add it to one of the pre-made cut outs you have to match your room's theme.  Number the cut-outs and hang them around the room at a level the kids can scan easily.

Then start the search.  During station time, two of my darlings share an iPod and use a free app for QR scanning to scan each code and record the problem on their answer sheet.

When they're done with the search they can flip the paper over and write a problem they would like to see in the next week's search.

Working with a partner allows them to use their combined skills to figure out the code and write the correct problem.

It's great fun and easy to do!  Once you've got them can laminate and save from year to year to make the searches fun and exciting!

Hop over to "The Swamp" for more QR codes....


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