Super LOVE: Base Ten Bingo!

ABCyaGames: Award Winning Fun 
for your computer and your mobile device 

 I'm so excited to tell you about one of the newest games from ABCyaGames: Base Ten Bingo. If you're like the many teachers out there, you probably have Math Bingo on your mobile device. My students and my children love Math Bingo. So, I could not wait to see how they'd like Base Ten Bingo. Of course, it is a big success with my daughter and my students!

Base Ten Bingo can be played directly on your computer... which means YES, you can play it on your Interactive White Board or SMART Board. Fun!

 I especially like how you can differentiate the activity by level of difficulty. Watch the brief 90 second video on my site to see how you can customize the level of play for each learner. I really enjoy doing posts for games... especially when I get to capture (record) my screen while playing! Having fun makes it seem less like work... kids feel the same way!

{click here to see Base Ten Bingo in action}

You can view the 90 second video of me actually playing the game!


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