Teacher Appreciation - Meet Rosie

I'd like you to meet Rosie - she is truly special and has made me feel truly special too. Rosie has made me feel appreciated.

It's nice to feel appreciated. Leaving school on that last day always leaves me with mixed feelings - relieved that another year is over and that I have managed to deliver another class safe and sound to the next teacher, hopefully educated and nurtured... Sad at having said goodbye to "my" children. Expectantly thinking about next year and everything that it brings. Last year was difficult because I said goodbye to my school for the last time. This year, as a sub, I won't be experiencing the usual appreciation at the end of term. But I know nonetheless that every child who I have had the privilege to teach this year has in some way appreciated my contribution. "Are you coming back tomorrow, Miss?" or "Yay! We've got Miss Powell today!" are all I need.
In the UK we don't have a Teacher Appreciation event. Instead, parents and children show their appreciation, if they want, at the end of term, which is traditionally the third week of July. In other countries it is celebrated more widely and more formally. What do you think of Teacher's Appreciation? Should we expect tokens of appreciation? Or is the job enough in itself? I'd love to hear your views.

Hop on over to my blog to find out more about Rosie (she is not all you think she might be..), my experiences of Teacher Appreciation from a British perspective and news of how I intend to show my appreciation to my blogger friends.

Happy Wednesday!

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