Teaching CVC Words

Teaching a child how to read has to be one of the BEST parts of being a teacher and or a parent!  When you first hear a child sound out /c/.../a/.../t/ CAT!  There is a HUGE smile on your face and their face:)  Pure excitement fills the room and they understand that they just read a word for the first time!

As you continue teaching CVC words to new readers, they all seem to make the same mistakes.  Students like to sound out the first and perhaps even the second letter, but when it comes to the last letter they guess. The word CAN becomes CAT, DOT becomes DOG just because they assume the ending instead of sounding it out.

I have a new printable that helps eliminate the guessing!  These are called Peek-a-Boo Books are are super FUN for kids to learn simple CVC words!  Hop on over to The Moffatt Girls blog to learn more!

What's more FUN than unclipping clothespins to discover letter sounds and matching pictures?

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