Teaching Questioning

Teaching the questioning strategy for comprehension is always a tricky one. I wanted to find a way to model this strategy in an engaging way. So, this year I came up with a little game to motivate my students to use this strategy.

First, I introduced the strategy with this anchor chart (minus the sticky notes):

(that's supposed to be a track on the question mark...)

I modeled the strategy with "think alouds" as I read a story. After modeling the types of questions you could ask while reading (and how this helped my comprehension), I introduced the game. I called it Guess my Question. This got my more competitive kids paying attention! I read a book aloud, then stopped at certain places and said, "Guess my question." I would call on kids until they came up with a question that would make sense for that part in the story. If they guessed my question, they got to write the question on the fancy sticky notes and place it on our anchor chart. This game got my students to really think about potential questions to ask while reading. 

As we continued reading, we would stop when we found the answers to those questions. As we answered the questions, we took away the sticky notes to show that we found the answers. This was a great way to keep our comprehension on track! :) 

I also made this for some extra practice: 
(I used speech bubbles to match the sticky notes on the anchor chart)

Come on over to my blog to pick up this freebie and find out how I used this worksheet. 

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